Built on the standards of honesty, integrity and professionalism, EMC is a non-profit organization comprised of Estate Managers and Corporate Members seeking to promote higher professional standards, develop improved business models, enhance business conditions, encourage cooperation amongst Estate Managers and Corporate Members, and promote the advancement of the industry as a whole

Our July 2018 event sponsored by Burgess Yachts.

EMC will carry out this purpose through specific activities, conducted by its officers and directors, which include the following: hold forums and workshops for the improvement of the industry, host networking events, create and provide resources for its Members, and assist non-working Estate Managers secure work. Leading by example, not words, the group is growing out of Southern California and hopes to encompass all the needs of their Principals and Estates.


Estate Managers Coalition offers a multifaceted array of services to our Estate Manager members and Corporate Members.


All EMC events are inherently designed with networking as a top priority. Network with other estate mangers and personal service professionals – as well as with representatives from top-tier EMC certified vendors – all at fun events and master classes.


We help our members find positions for themselves and fill vacancies on their estate staff with top-tier candidates.


With monthly master classes, lead by industry leaders, our members are always informed of the latest trends, services and options available to best satisfy and support their principals.