One of the cornerstones of EMC is our belief in the value of education to augment the myriad skills all estate managers possess. To that end, we conduct regular Master Classes, in partnership with our corporate members, and other experts in diverse yet relevant fields. All this with the goal of bolstering the ever-evolving knowledge that’s essential for our estate managers to possess, to maximize their job performance.

Lisa Weinberger: Domestic Labor Law

Lisa Weinberger is an attorney specializing in labor law particular to private households. She will teach an extensive course on everything there is to know about the updated labor laws for 2020 and how estate managers can protect their principals. With topics ranging from newly implemented labor laws, wage and hour issues, to maintaining employee documents and records, this class is a must for all estate managers who supervise household staffs.


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Company Fine Wine: Collection Management with Fine Wines & Spirits

This overview class focuses on:
  • How to structure a wine cellar to have the right bottles on hand for any occasion
  • Tips of service: temperature of wine, decanting time, proper glassware
  • Gifting the perfect wine or spirit for any occasion
Company Fine Wine is a wine retail firm built around personal service and direct relationships. They help both experienced collectors and those new to wine, manage and develop their collections. Drawing from their network of the best vineyards and providers from around the world, they acquire both special and everyday bottles. All of their releases and well-stored, top-quality vintages come from trusted and accountable sources.

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It’s A Lifestyle Professional Organizing: The Functional Pantry

This overview class focused on:
  • Cleaning it out! What to toss, what to keep and how to plan the overall storage
  • Sectioning off the spaces – like things go with like things
  • Food storage and products that help every family have a more efficient pantry for easy upkeep and restock

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Paul Vincent from Altus Health: Using The Power of Habits and Routines to Achieve All Your Goals

This overview class focuses on:
  • How to boost your health and vitality
  • How to remain calm and stay positive in stressful situations
  • Achieving your goals as a byproduct of your lifestyle
  • Remove blocks and unlock your hidden potential

Altus Health, focuses on a comprehensive and holistic mind, body and health system, taking clients from injury to high performance, focusing on longevity and preventative healthcare. They are revolutionizing health and fitness with a single-system combining treatment methods and training that delivers both increased performance and longevity.


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Haute Explore: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle in The COVID Era

This comprehensive class focuses on:
  • How to live the life you desire in the midst of challenging times
  • Healthy & safe travel protocols
  • The private villa travel experience
  • Nobu hotels in Miami and Los Cabos focus on the reopening after COVID-19
Presenting along with the Haute Explore team are:

Haute Explore is a members-only luxury travel and lifestyle consultancy designed with one focus in mind: you. They believe the needs of the well-travelled start well before the plane takes off and does not end upon landing. With the customer in mind, they created a full-service experience that is dedicated to curating the most unique travel opportunities as well as providing access to the best in life’s experiences at home.


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Calabasas Cupcake Bouquets: The Art of The Distinguished Cupcake

This overview class focuses on:
  • An introduction to classic British spongecake
  • Giving your cupcakes style with unique decorating tips
  • The secret to a perfect buttercream frosting
  • How to whip up a beautiful batch of cupcakes on a moment’s notice
  • A live decorating session, where Cheri will show her skills decorating amazing floral works of art
Trained in classic British baking methods, Cheryl DeRose has used those talents to grow Calabasas Cupcake Boutique into one of Southern California’s premiere cupcake bakeries. Her floral designs are legendary to those in the know, and are the perfect gift (and perfect dessert) for any occasion.

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The #1 Secret To Creating Value as an Estate Manager and Business Owner

This comprehensive class focuses on:

  • Trends in Insurance
    • Changes in the market
    • Evolving risks
    • Trends in claims
    • Wind, water and fire
  • Latest Emerging Risks
    • Cyber
    • Liability
    • Personal safety and security
  • Power and Exclusive Benefits
    • FREE On-Site Insurance Assessments
    • Detailed Coverage Comparisons
    • Customized Business, Residential, Personal and Employee Policies
  • Questions & Answers with attendees

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