We welcome you to The Trails, a five-day Scottish Highland and Island whisky journey of discovery, an opportunity to acquire things otherwise unavailable.

Built around our communities of passion, we are able to open doors that would usually be closed. Allowing you to experience the exceptional. Harrods will act as your trusted expert and guide, unlocking new levels of understanding and insight; allowing you to learn first-hand from the world’s greatest living experts and artisans.

We invite you to join us in Scotland from the 27th to the 31st of May as we embark on the inaugural edition of the trail and a five day experience dedicated to discovering more about the world’s most valuable spirit Scotch. Guests will travel by road, sea, sail and air from the East to West Coast of Scotland as we journey through time and taste, elevating our understanding and appreciation of the world’s oldest and most valuable spirit every step of the way. Staying in some of Scotland’s greatest homes, guests will enjoy an unparalleled level of hospitality along with access to some of the most hallowed spaces in the world of Scotch.

Please contact Cristiano.DeRossi@harrods.com to register your interest